We started out with one person spending all day and night at the computer developing custom Internet solutions. Click here for our corporate mission statement.

  • Dependable
  • Reliable
  • Competent

From the beginning, our focus has been totally on developing our products. At, we LOVE to CREATE. Whereas other companies choose to focus on hype, IPO's, business plans and raising money. There is no focus on developing their product. By the time they get around to developing their idea, everything has changed at least 100 times over. They have no cash flow, profits and sometimes not even a product. It is a recipe for losing money.

We start with the product first. Without a product that works, there is no company. Hype and venture capital last only as long as the money doesn't run out. When the focus is on everything else besides the product, the result is "sorry, out of business". Do you want to trust your Internet solutions to companies that reside on shaky ground? Do you want to become another dot bomb?

We don't just talk the talk. We walk our talk. This means WE USE EVERY PRODUCT WE SELL!

  • The Replicator - is a replication. You are on a replicated site right now! Did you know that?
  • MLM-ONE! - We use MLM-ONE! to calculate commissions to all of our resellers.
  • Email Blaster - You are followed up from the moment you contact us using our contact page.
  • Conditional Auto-Responders - The instantaneous email response you get back from your contact submission depends on what you are interested in.
  • DREAMcommerce - Most of our services are available for instant online purchase. We use a customized DREAMcommerce installation.
  • Document Library - This is how we distribute various documents and presentation packages through our site. It is located in our support section.

Our corporate strategy is to grow the company while maintaining a high level of customer service at all times. It is our experience that the quality of customer service is inverse to the size of the company.

How often have you been lost in voice mail? How many times have you called up a company and not been able to talk to someone? How often have you sent emails and did not receive a timely response?

Our goal is to make sure these problems never happen to any of our customers, ever.

The flagship product of DreamTime is The Replicator. The complete Internet solution for any size company. From The Replicator grew all our other services like our MLM-ONE! system, Email Blaster, DREAMcommerce shopping system, DreamTime Document Library, and DreamTime conditional auto-responders.

We are a complete, full service Internet development company. All of our services have been developed in house by the DREAMteam. Our creative team of Internet developers.

Our programs are seasoned, stable and very easy to use for beginners. If there is one major point you should know about, it's our customer service.

We will give you the best service you will find anywhere at any price.

We guarantee it.


Stephen Karrington
President & CTO, Inc.

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